St. Peter’s Basilica

Sunday we went to mass at St. Peter’s, no time for a real tour.  Monday we toured the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, again, no time for a tour of the basilica.  So, today we altered our schedule and went back to St. Peter’s.  Many of us climbed the more than 400 steps to the top of the dome.  Fantastic view of Rome, and the sun came out just for us!

Tonight a real treat, a performance at the Accademia della Sancta Cecelia.  Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde” and a world premiere of another work.

Took our first ride together as a group on the subway, only two lines and very simple.  It is so much quicker that the bus, but, so limited.  When getting around the city, allow lots of extra time!



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Rome by Richie

I have been in Rome for only 6 days and I feel as though it would take weeks to explain everything I have seen and experienced so far. There is an endless amount of beautiful artwork, sculpture, culture and history. There are so many amazing building still standing that are centuries old. Every place is magnificent and awe inspiring. I would recommend anyone interested in ancient history and astonishing architecture should without a doubt visit this beautiful country. So far we have explored Rome, Pompei and the Vatican. Pompei was a very interesting place, but I won’t suggest visiting while its raining. The Vatican was amazing. Paul, a good friend on the trip, and I were chosen among thousands to be the bearer of gifts. It was an unbelievable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I didn’t screw up in front of the members of the Vatican and the thousands watching. I have also been able to experience Rome’s nightlife, every night. Some friends and I bumped into a Rome Bar Crawl with probably 40 other college kids. Another experience I’ll never forget. I had so much fun partying and dancing in Rome’s pubs and dance clubs. The people running the bar crawl caught a couple pictures of me which I will post. If you would like to see pictures of Rome add me on facebook so I don’t have to post the hundreds of pictures I have taken.

This was some hot Italian bird I was working on


The Italian Connection Winter Term 2010

Finished our 5th day in Rome.  Armed with 7 day bus passes, we have seen quite a bit of the city.  Went to mass yesterday at St. Peter’s.  The pope was doing baptisms in the Sistine Chapel, but did come to his window and gave a blessing.  Been raining off and on, but not enough to stop our activities.

Went to Pompeii and was as fantastic as the first time.  Had a guided tour by the author of The Families Who Made Rome, Anthony Manjalahti, wonderful.

Marion Smith

About This Trip

WT-1A Encountering the Arts in Italy
Marion Smith

Melded from Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilizations, Italian (Roman) culture has influenced Western though, art, music, literature and civilization more than any other. The senses almost reel from exposure to history, architecture, art (Italy is the largest repository of a large percentage of the world’s greatest art). The creativity, craftsmanship, artistic energy that made Italy great is still in full evidence today. We will visit four cities: Rome, Siena, Florence and Venice, and in each of these cultural treasures we will make daily excursions to museums and monuments. We will also attend several live performances of music, including opera.